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So, as always seems to happen, I spent less time reading in the past week than I would have liked. I'm still on short stories, so the list of stories read still looks pretty long, but once I get to novelettes and novellas, I'm definitely going to have to spend more time reading.

Happily, the February Locus arrived on Saturday with their annual recommended reading lists, so my reading list should now stop growing until the Bram Stoker Preliminary Ballot is published (which I believe will be next week). For convenience, I have thrown up the complete reading list on my home page. I'm trying to stay on top of the administrative aspect of all this reading by starting the 2003 list already, though I won't start reading off of that one for quite a while.

There's also page listing all the sources for stories, so I won't bother to include links here except for stories available online.

The week's reading:

  • Excellent
    • Ellison, Harlan. "Never Send to Know for Whom the Lettuce Wilts". F&SF 1/02.
  • Very Good
    • Biancotti, Deborah. "Silicon Cast". Redsine #7.
    • Bradfield, Scott. "Dazzle's Inferno". F&SF 6/02.
    • Davies, Colin P. "Dolls". 3SF #2.
    • Dozois, Gardner. "The Hanging Curve". F&SF 4/02.
    • Lain, Douglas. "The Subliminal Son". The Third Alternative Spring 2002.
    • Kadrey, Richard. "Mudrosti". The Infinite Matrix 4/02.
    • Murphy, Hilary Moon. "The Run of the Fiery Horse". Realms of Fantasy 6/02.
  • Good
    • Abraham, Daniel. "Ghost Chocolate". Asimov's 8/02.
    • Allison, Tavis. "In Father Christmas's Court". Asimov's 12/02.
    • Barrett, Neal, Jr. "Grubber". DAW 30th Anniversary: Science Fiction.
    • Barton, William. "Right to Life". Talebones Spring 2002.
    • Coward, Mat. "Little Green Card". Interzone 10/02.
    • Davies, Colin P. "Tall Tales on the Iron Horse". Spectrum SF #8.
    • Disch, Thomas M. "Torah! Torah! Torah!". F&SF 4/02.
    • Duncan, Andy. "The Holy Bright Number (A Charlie Poole Story)". Polyphony 1.
    • Esaias, Timons. "Osmund Considers". Interzone 5/02.
    • Esaias, Timons. "Pawn". Interzone 6-7/02.
    • Klages, Ellen. "Travel Agency". Strange Horizons 2/02.
    • Plante, Brian. "It's Only Human". Analog 11/02.
    • Rich, Mark. "Dumptown". Analog 2/02.
    • Rickert, M. "Leda". F&SF 8/02.
    • Rogers, Bruce Holland. "Half of the Empire". Realms of Fantasy 10/02.
    • Rosenbaum, Benjamin. "Droplet". F&SF 7/02.
  • Average
    • Baker, Kage. "Her Father's Eyes". Asimov's 12/02.
    • Baxter, Stephen. "The Hunters of Pangaea". Analog 12/02.
    • Bisson, Terry. "I Saw the Light". Sci Fiction 10/02.
    • Buckell, Tobias. "A Green Thumb". Analog 7-8/02.
    • Burrage, Nathan. "A Message to Medicare". Redsine #7.
    • Chapman, Stepan. "The Silent People". Redsine #7.
    • Dedman, Stephen. "Wastelands". Agog! Fantastic Fiction.
    • Emshwiller, Carol. "Overlooking". The Green Man.
    • Feeley, Gregory. "False Vacuum". Beyond the Last Star.
    • Ford, Jeffrey. "Summer Afternoon". this a cat?.

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