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Well, we're approaching the end of January! And that means the annual "Best of" lists are starting to appear in various publications and newsgroups, which means my annual binge of short genre fiction reading has begun! Always a bad time of year for my book and magazine budget, though more and more stories are being published online, which does help somewhat.

Anyways, especially for short stories, I definitely won't be taking time to write detailed reviews of individual stories. For reviews of many of these stories, I can recommend Tangent Online.

However, for purposes of backing up my record keeping, I shall post a general ranking of my current reading here. I may also post short comments if particular stories seem to merit them.

As usual, I'm starting with Short Stories (defined as stories of less than 7500 words), and with the size of this year's reading list, it'll be a while before I move up to Novelettes.

So, the stories read so far:

  • Very Good

    • Abraham, Daniel. "The Aprocrypha According to Cleveland". The Silver Web #15.
    • Arnason, Eleanor. "Knapsack Poems". Asimov's 5/02.
    • Brown, Shane M. "In Store". Fantastic Metropolis 6/02.
    • Brown, Shane M. "Late Returns". Redsine #9.
    • Bryant, Brantley L. "Professional Amateurs". Fantastic Metropolis 9/02.
    • Emshwiller, Carol. "Josephine". Sci Fiction 5/02.
    • McAuley, Paul. "Under Mars". Mars Probes (DAW).

  • Good

    • Chapman, Stepan. "The Comedian". The Silver Web #15.
    • Emshwiller, Carol. "Water Master". Sci Fiction 2/02.
    • Ford, Jeffrey. "Creation". F&SF 5/02.
    • Gilligan, ElizaBeth. "Iron Joan". Black Gate Winter 2002.
    • Gloss, Molly. "Lambing Season". Asimov's 7/02.
    • Goss, Theodora. "The Rapid Advance of Sorrow". Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #11.
    • Swanwick, Michael. "A Great Day for Brontosaurs". Asimov's 5/02.

  • Average

    • Browne, Adam. "Les Autres". Redsine #8.
    • Fowler, Karen Joy. "What I Didn't See". Sci Fiction 7/02.
    • Hughes, Rhys. "Robin Hood's New Mother". Redsine #8.
    • Kress, Nancy. "Patent Infringement". Asimov's 5/02.
    • Landis, Geoffrey. "At Dorado". Asimov's 10-11/02.
    • Landis, Geoffrey. "Old Tingo's Penis". Interzone 8/02.

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