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Well, that's annoying.

For the past two weekends, I've had trouble sleeping when I'm at home because I've had paranoid dreams about my basement springing a leak. Of course, I didn't actually do anything to prepare for such an eventuality, since it was just silly dreams. Last weekend, I unpacked a couple boxes of hardbacks, but that was just to find one by Andy Duncan in case I went to Trinoc-Con with wonderclown.

But, of course, today there's a bunch of rain, and my basement floods.

Next time I'm going to pay more attention to my irrational paranoia.

Fortunately, it apparently didn't get very deep. Only a couple boxes actually soaked through the bottom of the box. So only a couple magazines got so wet that they may not dry out adequately. Oh, yeah, and the 1995-1996 University of Chicago student telephone directory. I think all the pages will turn green from the ink on the covers, but it'll probably still be usable (or at least as much as a 7-year old directory of student housing can be said to be usable).

Other books were somewhat limp from the humidity, but that'll go away now that they're out of the boxes. And it was the incentive I needed to finally make some progress on unpacking. Of course, now there's the carrying stuff upstairs that remains to be done.

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