AndyHat (andyhat) wrote,

Breakfast (Fri.): Cocoa Pebbles
Lunch (Fri.): Mama Ricotta's
Dinner (Fri.): Domino's
Brunch (Sat.): Cocoa Pebbles
Dinner (sat.): Cracker Barrel
Breakfast (Sun.): Pop Tarts
Lunch (Sun.): Maggiano's
Dinner (Sun.): None

TV Watched (Fri.): Monk, Stargate SG-1, Farscape
Movies Watched (Sun.): XXX (Reasonably amusing action flick. Stuff blows up. What more can I say?)
Stories read:
  • Di Filippo, Paul. "Karuna, Inc." Novella. Published in Fantastic Stories Spring 2001. (Fantasy pitting the ethical capitalists of Karuna Inc. against the unethical capitalists of big business, lead by the members of the mysterious Phineas Gage League, who have had the their consciences surgically removed. Despite the fact that Di Filippo obviously has a rather different political outlook than me, it makes for a pretty decent story).
  • Reynolds, Alastair. "Glacial." Novella. Published in Spectrum SF #5. (Novella set in the universe of Reynolds' Revelation Space and Chasm City. An expedition locates remains of a previous expedition to an icy world on which the only life is a variety of ice worms. But the previous expedition's members appear to have gone insane and killed themselves, setting up the mystery to be solved by the present group. I like Reynolds' stuff, so, as expected, I liked this.)

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