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Breakfast: Cocoa Pebbles
Lunch: China King Buffet
Dinner: Domino's

TV Watched: Monk
Stories Read: Wadholm, Richard. "From Here You Can See the Sunquists." Novelette. Asimov's January 2001. Available online. (A couple go to visit the town where they grew up; a town now at the center of some sort of temporal anomaly that lets them actually travel into the past (and future) as they visit favorite spots from their youth, where they discover some unpleasant truths about their relationship. A reasonably well-written story, even if the time travel bit is never well-explained, but I found myself not caring about the main characters, so it didn't really work for me).

Cool software of the day: Crossover Plugin by Codeweavers. Now I can play Quicktime and Windows Media files in Mozilla, on Linux. Hooray! I never need to use IE again (at home, at least)!
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