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Yes; I'm just skipping yesterday. It was boring.

Breakfast: Cocoa Pebbles
Lunch: O'Charley's (Grilled chicken)
Dinner: Mama Ricotta's (Rigatoni with pesto, basil cream sauce, and shrimp. And their delicious garlic rolls. Excellent meal.)

TV Watched: South Park, The Daily Show
Stories read :
  • Baker, Kage. "The Caravan from Troon." Novella. Asimov's 08/01. (Fairly generic fantasy setting, the plot concerns the travails of a trade caravan and its odd bunch of passengers. Nothing terribly original, but it compactly features more action than some fantasy authors manage in a whole novel).
  • Brown, Eric. A Writer's Life. Novella. PS Publishing. (First-person tale, narrated by a mid-list British literary author concerning his quest to explain the mysteries surrounding an obscure author whose works he admires, and the effects of his quest on his relationship with his emotionally detached girlfriend. An excellent little book.)
  • Castro, Adam-Troy. "Sunday Night Yams at Minnie and Earl's." Novella. Analog SF 06/01. (Somewhat surreal tale of life and work on the moon, and Sunday night dinners. One of those stories where the plot shouldn't work, but well-enough told that it does).

It's annoying to do reviews of novellas. They're so short that it's often hard to say anything about the plot without getting into spoilers. Even though there's almost no chance that anyone who reads my LJ will read any of these stories, I just can't bring myself to include anything that might be a spoiler.

Puzzle solution: So nobody figured it out. Losers. Anyways, "4 19 3 8", translated via the obvious substition to letters, is "DSCH", which is, of course, the musical signature of Dmitri Shostakovich ("D-S-C-H" being "D, E-Flat, C, B" in non-German notation).

I've been having fun making more oggs. Now that my home computer's back on (thanks, wonderclown!), I even have a place to put them again.

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