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Reading update

I've traditionally used LJ for reading logs, so since I finished a couple books in the last couple days, let's see if I can get back in the habit.

Yesterday finished Charles Stross' The Fuller Memorandum, the latest in the Laundry Files cycle, in which the British secret service defends our world against the Elder Gods via computational magic. Fun as always, though with most of the really bad nasties off-stage for this one, I didn't enjoy it quite as much as previous entries. It is nice to finally get the back story on Angleton, however.

Tonight finished up Thomas Mann's The Tables of the Law in a new translation by Marion Faber and Stephen Lehmann. This is a novella Mann wrote as an introduction to an anthology of stories on the Ten Commandments, and it's a comedic/ironic retelling of the life of Moses from childhood through the delivery of the Commandments to the Israelites. All of the miraculous events of that period are in here, with Mann carefully suggesting mundane natural causes for all of them. Light and enjoyable and well-crafted.

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