AndyHat (andyhat) wrote,

Today's swag

So, as I twittered Saturday, I finally tracked down the weird circular wrench needed to open my whole-house water filter housing at Pope's True Value in Durham, at the Village Shopping Center. Then Sunday morning I see this. Guess that might not have been the safest place to be shopping, though I didn't feel unsafe when I was there.

Anyways, in more pleasant news, today's mail:

That's Prince of Persia for the 360; the new issue of Dalkey Archive's Review of Contemporary Fiction; one of the final books from the abruptly closed Humdrumming Press, Tim Lebbon's novella The Reach of Children; Edge of Our Lives, a collection by Mark Rich from RedJack Books, mostly reprints, with a few new stories; and the newest from Paper Golem, Alembical, containing original novellas by jaylake, Bruce Taylor, James Van Pelt, and Ray Vukcevich, and companion chapbook Cucurbital, containing four short stories by the same authors, both edited by Lawrence M. Schoen & Arthur Dorrance.

Coincidentally, Alembical is the second book I've noticed this week that is using a cover photo under a Creative Commons Attribution License (in this case for "To the Skies -- a photograph by Philipp Geisler of Gertrude Reum's 'Geformte Chromnickelstahlrohre'").
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