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Well, made it to Charlotte tonight with no untoward traffic events. 2.5 hours is so much more pleasant than 4. And wonderclown's cheesecake survived the trip intact, so I had a very yummy piece of it while reading the paper, which, much to my surprise, had not been stolen during the day.

Brunch: Cocoa Pebbles
Dinner: Backyard Burgers (2/3 lb. burger (which was decent), waffle fries (again, decent) and a chocolate shake (rather disappointing; I'll definitely go to the Goodberry's next door in future for shakes)).
CDs Received: Bach: The Well-Tempered Organ. John Wells, Organ. Volumes 1 & 2. Ribbonwood RCD 1006 and RCD 1007. (Absolutely delightful performances of the Well-Tempered Clavier, arranged by Wells for organ. I was a bit shocked that these arrived today; he only mailed them from New Zealand 5 days ago).

I have to say it's kind of cool that with their recent performance enhancements in oggenc and my spiffy AMD 1900+, I can rip and encode CD's faster than they can be listened to.

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