AndyHat (andyhat) wrote,

More books

In addition to the The Week and The Economist (shockingly, both delivered on Saturday this week, as they're supposed to be but so rarely are (I do so loathe the Raleigh USPS)), and the new issue of Locus, today's mail included book deliveries from two of my favorite publishers, PS Publishing and Lethe Press:

From PS, the new issue of Postscripts, reprint Bradbury collection The Day It Rained Forever, novellas Living with the Dead by Darrell Schweitzer and The City in These Pages by John Grant, and the new "PS Showcase" collection by Douglas Smith (with an introduction by Chaz Brenchley (desperance)). And from Lethe, Sea, Swallow Me, a collection by Craig Laurance Gidney (ethereal_lad), which includes Spectrum Award shortlisted "A Bird of Ice" along with 5 other reprints and 4 new stories.

On an entirely unrelated note, do people give Christmas bonuses to newspaper carriers nowadays? Today's News & Observer included the usual December "Happy Holidays" insert with my carrier's home address on it. I assume that's a discreet way of asking for a Christmas bonus, but I've always felt like it'd be weird to mail a check for that to somebody I've never even met. And how much would even be appropriate?

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