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Daily tweets

Yesterday's tweets:

  • 13:49 Tweetdeck: No keyboard shutcuts. Ugh. Twhirl: Scrolls with arrow keys, but no shortcut for mark as read. Twitterific: No Win version.
  • 13:50 Am I missing any options? Or does the perfect twitter client just not exist yet?
  • 14:22 Also, why do clients retain reverse chrono order? That's a stupid web artifact of no client-side mark-as-read function.
  • 14:23 I want new content on bottom. And auto-scrolling should stop before the first unread message scrolls above pos n (I'd go with 2nd from top).
  • 14:25 User interfaces have regressed depressingly since the days of ircii, trn, and pine.
  • 14:26 Of course, I still use trn and pine, though I did give in and replace ircii with irssi. I guess that makes me an old curmudgeon.
  • 14:32 And while I'm ranting, why is it 76 degrees out in November? I have a cold and this warm rainy weather is not helping my sinuses.
  • 15:52 In better news, today's mail included the much anticipated 2666, Niebuhr's Moral Man & Immoral Society, and bizarro novella Zerostrata.
  • 15:56 First time I've seen a stag in the back yard. It's blithely ignoring the neighbor's dogs barking at it.
  • 21:38 On wall at City Beverage: Album cover of "Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space".
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