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  • 16:09 Per today's NYT (, Obama likes the Medici, Valois Cafeteria, and 57th Street Books. He obvious has superb taste.
  • 16:10 And now I'm craving Valois's chicken pot pie. Sadly, while I'll be in Chicago next weekend, I won't be there for dinner Thur or Sunday.
  • 19:50 That Rain-X windshield wiper fluid is cool in heavy rain. OTOH, it sucks at cleaning grime when not raining, so I'm ambivalent about it.
  • 19:52 Now at UNC Memorial waiting for Matthias Goerne recital to begin.
  • 23:24 Wonderful concert of Schubert lieder. Followed by watching the view of cute UNC boys while munching Pepper's Pizza.
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