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Daily tweets

Yesterday's tweets:

  • 10:32 Funny sign (at least to anyone who has seen the ubiquitous warning signs in CA):
  • 14:36 As a mostly non-TV watcher, I had no idea how bizarre Skittles ads could get:
  • 14:41 Why are they setting up Christmas tree lots already? At least the "Booger Mountain Christmas Trees" sign on Lessville makes me laugh.
  • 16:34 Annoying trying to fly to a failing airline's hub. No cheap seats to MKE for Christmas, so I'm going into Madison, out of Appleton.
  • 16:34 Got my GHWT bundle today (with two wired guitars, which makes up for the one that broke last week). Will it be better than RB2? I doubt it.
  • 16:55 Also, new issues of Locus and London Review of Books. But no actual books today :(
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