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Yesterday's tweets:

  • 11:19 Um, manga about SQL? Bizarre.
  • 17:20 Sadly, I find this story entirely unsurprising:
  • 17:30 And I'm sure you all knew this already, but Sarah Palin is quite the hypocrite:
  • 17:53 Off to Chapel Hill to find some dinner, then see DV8's dance/video performance art piece "To Be Straight With You"
  • 22:01 Settled on Peppers Pizza for dinner, then the show was incredible (though also hugely depressing). Amazing dancing and text.
  • 22:01 Now to do laundry in preparation for leaving for Gaylaxicon tomorrow.
  • 22:02 I'm now up to 3 robocalls on behalf of McCain, 0 for Obama. If I weren't already planning to vote Obama, that would have decided it for him.
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