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Yesterday's tweets:

  • 16:49 Gas was still $3.79 at the Miami/Alexander Sheetz. Guess they figure noone will be in the Park this weekend to buy gas anyways.
  • 16:50 Went to the El Greco to Velazquez exhibit at the Nasher with my mother. Excellent show of early 17th-C Spanish art.
  • 16:52 Annoyingly, I snagged my pocket on something getting into the car and now have a big rip in this pair of jeans.
  • 19:30 So very true:
  • 19:55 A "childhood love of cows" as a qualification to run AK's Div of Agriculture. Palin is really unbelievable:
  • 23:44 RIP, David Foster Wallace:
  • 02:11 I am definitely in danger of becoming a bibliophibian:
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