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Grr. Stupid NCDOT. Closing Interstates without warning. Turning 2.5 hour drives into 4 hour drives. And absolutely nothing about it on their Web site, so I can't confirm whether or not it'll happen again. I've sent an email to the NCDOT asking if they have a schedule of closings, and asking where I can complain to. I wonder if they'll respond.

Anyways, on with the minutiae:

Breakfast (Sunday): Cocoa Pebbles
Lunch (Sunday): T.K. Tripp's
Dinner (Sunday): Maggiano's, with deftly and skome and family (I had the fettucine alfredo with chicken; not the tastiest thing at Maggiano's, but I was in the mood for creamy. Followed by Chocolate Zucotto Cake, of course).
Books purchased:
  • Dozois, Gardner, ed. Year's Best Science Fiction: 19th Annual Collection. Paperback. St. Martin's, 0-312-28879-4.
  • Silverberg, Robert, ed. Fantasy: The Best of 2001. Mass Market Paperback. iBooks, 0-7434-5247-X.
  • King, Stephen. Everything's Eventual. Hardback. Scribner, 0-7432-3515-0. (It was cheap at B.J.'s, and it's short stories, so I might actually read it, even though I refuse to read his novels after The Stand: Complete and Uncut's ending completely sucked).
  • Franzen, Jonathan. Corrections, The. Hardback. Farrar Straus & Giroux, 0-374-12998-3. (Another cheap one from B.J.'s.).
  • Adams, Scott. Another Day in Cubicle Paradise: A Diblert Book. Paperback. Andrews McMeel, 0-7407-2194-1.

Brunch (Monday): Cocoa Pebbles
Dinner (Monday): Lilly's Pizza (Pepperoni and Meatball), with wonderclown's peanut butter cheesecake for dessert.

I really must remember not to desire CD's independently published in foreign countries. It causes me to do irrational things like spend US$30 to get a draft for NZ$90 (which is all of US$43.18) so I can buy a couple of Bach CD's from a guy in New Zealand, just because I want to hear the Well-Tempered Klavier performed on organ.

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