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Yesterday's tweets:
  • 21:01 Picked up the Bob Eggleton painting I won at the art auction, and am now chilling in the theater waiting for the Hugos to begin.
  • 21:35 Getting started only 4 minutes late. Wil McCarthy is starting the MC remarks.
  • 21:47 Mildly funny speech over, stalling for time for them to be ready to start First Fandom awards.
  • 21:48 First Fandom Hall of Fame Award: Tie. First recipient, Mike Ashley.
  • 21:49 Second first fandom hall of fame award winner: Ray Harryhausen
  • 21:50 First Fandom Posthumous Hall of Fame Award: Dr. Isaac Asimov
  • 21:51 First Fandom Sam Moskowitz Archive Award for excellent in collecting: Tie. First winner: Frank Robinson
  • 21:53 First Fandom Sam Moskowitz Archive Award, second winner: Bob Peterson
  • 22:00 Big Heart Award: Suford Lewis
  • 22:02 In memoriam slide show, with live music this year
  • 22:14 Denvention 3 Special Committee Awards: To NASA, celebrating NASA's 50th anniversary
  • 22:17 Denvention 3 Special Committee Awards: To NESFA Press, for keeping our heritage in print and sharing a love of SF/F literature & scholarship
  • 22:19 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer: Mary Robinette Kowal
  • 22:21 Jay Lake is now presenting The Campbell Tiara
  • 22:22 It looks much better on Mary Robinette Kowal than it did on John Scalzi
  • 22:24 972 ballots were received for the awards, 895 valid.
  • 22:26 This year's base is a nice mountain-inspired design with "We're a mile closer to the stars tonight" inscribed on the side
  • 22:26 Now it's time for the actual Hugo Award presentations.
  • 22:28 Best Fanzine: File 770, edited by Mike Glyer
  • 22:31 Best Fan Writer: John Scalzi
  • 22:34 Best Fan Artist: Brad Foster
  • 22:37 Best Professional Artist: Stephan Martiniere
  • 22:39 Best Semiprozine: Locus, edited by Charles N. Brown, Kirsten Gong-Wong, & Liza Green Trombi
  • 22:44 Best Related Book: Brave New Words: The Oxford Dictionary of Science Fiction, by Jeff Prucher
  • 22:48 Now showing clips of the best dramatic presentation short form nominees
  • 22:50 Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form: Doctor Who, "Blink"
  • 22:54 Now for the long form clips
  • 22:57 Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form: Stardust
  • 23:02 Robert Silverberg is the best editor presenter, giving a hilarious speech.
  • 23:03 Best Professional Editor, Short Form: Gordon Van Gelder
  • 23:05 Best Professional Editor, Long Form: David G. Hartwell
  • 23:10 Best Short Story: "Tideline" by Elizabeth Bear
  • 23:13 Best Novelette: "The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate" by Ted Chiang
  • 23:18 Best Novella: "All Seated on the Ground" by Connie Willis
  • 23:23 Best Novel: The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon
  • 23:26 OK, awards over. Time to head back to the hotel and then the night's parties.
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