AndyHat (andyhat) wrote,

Daily tweets

Yesterday's tweets:
  • 09:27 Now off to RDU!
  • 10:44 Surprisingly long check-in line, but now enjoying Krispy Kremes at the Admiral's Club.
  • 13:48 Arrived MKE 15 minutes early. Brats for lunch.
  • 17:10 I thought Denver had mountains? There seems to be a city missing, too.
  • 18:26 After a long journey the bus driver has found a city! And maybe mountains.
  • 18:38 Heh, bus used frontage road to zip by traffic jam on Interstate.
  • 18:42 What sort of idiots build a brand new airport so far out surrounded by empty space - and don't run rail to it?
  • 19:24 All checked in at The Westin. Off to register for the con.
  • 23:43 Delightful dinner was had at Osteria Marco with various Outworlders, Joe, et al. Soon, off to the Sheraton for parties.
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