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Yesterday's tweets:
  • 14:03 Set up LoudTwitter to copy my daily tweets over to LJ. Should run a 4am tonight. Wonder if it will work? #
  • 17:18 It's so cute when the Times tries to do features on Net subcultures like trolls: #
  • 17:19 Now to go have some fish and chips at Bull McCabe's and then meet badger for Dario Argento's latest film, "Mother of Tears" @the Carolina@7 #
  • 18:00 Terrible pun: 'God answers all knee mail' #
  • 21:28 Evil monkey! #
  • 22:48 Fun NYT crossword today. Helped knowing the "subatomic particle made of three quarks." #
  • 22:50 And in the Jonesin' crossword, I learned that "Bono" was once "Bono Vox". Best clue: "Made an ass of oneself?" for "mooned". #
  • 23:30 Is a soldering contest at a bar really such a good idea? #
  • 23:42 What is NASA publically withholding about Phoenix? Karl Schroeder speculates: #
  • 01:08 Just read the summer short stories at The Guardian: #
  • 01:09 I liked the Alice Sebold and Julian Barnes stories. Wish they'd had a higher res scan of the Chris Ware comic. #
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