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I'm a bit behind schedule this week posting my book haul, but I had to go to Milwaukee for three days last week for the funeral of my half-brother's wife's father Don Straub, who died July 12 at the age of 82.

Now, on a much cheerier note, new books!

The Memory of Roses is a collection of 20 short pieces by Dutch composer Louis Andriessen, mostly for solo piano, though some add voice or other instruments. Some nice fairly simple music for when I'm in a piano-playing mood.

The Atlantic has published their 2008 Special Fiction Issue, with stories by Wendell Berry, Mark Fabiano, Cristina Henríquez, Aryn Kyle, Jess Row, Julie Schumacher, Carter Simms Benton and Jessica Murphy Moo. I think I preferred it when they published fiction every issue, but I suppose buying one issue a year now is cheaper than subscribing used to be.

Next are the first two poetry chapbooks from Dos Press, which feature a rather complicated binding giving them two covers and two spines and containing work by three poets. The first contains work by Hoa Nguyen, Carter Smith and Andrea Strudensky and the second has work by Michael Cross, Johannes Göransson and Michelle Detorie.

Wilde Stories 2008, edited by Steve Berman (mroctober) and published by Lethe Press is the first in what will hopefully be an annual "Best of the Year's Gay Speculative Fiction". I had somehow missed several of these stories, so I'm looking forward to reading this. I don't see a complete contents listing for this online, so here it is:

To the right of that, with title-less cover art, is a reprint of Rhys Hughes' collection The Smell of Telescopes from new UK publisher Eibonvale Press (this was originally published by Tartarus Press, but that edition is out of print and I failed to get a copy back in 2000). Hughes writers wonderful weird stories, so I'm glad I was able to grab the new edition of this.

Then there are a few magazines. One Story's 105th issue is "Wilderness" by Jean Thompson. Then there are the September issue of Asimov's and the October(!) issue of Analog. And Cone Zero is the eighth installment of the always fascinating Nemonymous, containing 14 anonymously authored stories, mostly with the title "Cone Zero" or variations thereof.

Off to the right is the new trade paperback edition of Jeffrey Thomas' Thirteen Specimens from Delirium Books, originally published a couple years ago in a limited edition. This collection includes stories set in the worlds of Thomas' novels Boneland and Letters from Hades, as well as a new Punktown story. Bizarre, enjoyable stuff.

Space Vulture is a retro space opera from Gary K. Wolf (who wrote the original version of Roger Rabbit) and his friend and first-time novelist Archbishop John J. Myers. It has enthusiastic blurbs from Stan Lee, Gene Wolfe, and William Tenn. And it was 50% off at Barnes & Noble, so how could I resist?

The Dimension Next Door is the July anthology from DAW and Martin H. Greenberg, this month with Kerrie Hughes as co-editor, featuring stories about alternate dimensions. Hotter Than Hell, edited by Kim Harrison, is a paranormal romance anthlogy from Harper.

Chizine is kicking off a new publishing venture with Brent Hayward's Filaria. I don't know anything about it beyond the description at Horror Mall, but it certainly looks interesting.

This month's installment of Planet Stories is Michael Moorcock's Masters of the Pit, in which American physicist and Eternal Champion incarnation Michael Kane becomes a prince of ancient Mars. This edition includes a new introduction by Samuel R. Delany.

And in the lower-right corner is I Want More Sugar, a poetry collection by James McNaughton from New Zealand publisher Steele Roberts. I'll end tonight's entry with an excerpt from the poem "Esperanto", included in this collection:

The dead try, they really do.
They queue for the only phone on the moon.
You can almost hear their complaints
across the long night of space
when they find that all the numbers have changed.
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