AndyHat (andyhat) wrote,

A pleasant evening

Tonight I went down to Palo Alto to try the oddly named Patxi's Pizza, which was recommended by trom. It is indeed another excellent version of Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. I think I like Zachary's slightly better (and I definitely prefer Zachary's ambiance to the annoying upscale pretentiousness of Patxi's. My impression is that Berkeley : Hyde Park :: Palo Alto : Evanston, and I always disliked Evanston), but Palo Alto is certainly more convenient to get to from San Mateo than Oakland or Berkeley.

In a bit of good luck, I happened to notice that the theatre across the street from Patxi's, the Aquarius, was running Mirrormask, so after eating my yummy pepperoni and sausage pizza, I went and saw that. The movie's visuals are amazing, and do a wonderful job of bringing the comic's dreamworld to life. The pacing is a bit slow, but there's so much cool stuff to look at that it's quite enjoyable.

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