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I hadn't really believed it was going to happen, but I got to San Francisco Sunday night (or, technically, Monday morning at 1:15am). I only really got settled into the hotel last night (The San Mateo Residence Inn is remodeling their rooms. Since I booked for a month, they put me in one of the few already-finished rooms, but it was on the ground level, right next to the parking lot, facing the highway, which I didn't like. They put me on the list to move to another room as soon as they finished one of the other buildings, which happened yesterday). So, anyways, I'm now completely unpacked, my spiffy IBM clicky keyboard is hooked up to the laptop, the PS2 is hooked up to the TV, the pile of books is on the table, the fridge is stocked with soda, milk, and orange juice, and I'm ready to live here weekdays for the next 2.5 to 5 months.

Tuesday night I had my first yummy stuffed pizza from Zachary's in Oakland. It's so nice to be somewhere where I can get a good pizza again.

Tonight I went to the SF Symphony concert down at the Flint Center at De Anza College in Cupertino. Surprisingly I think the acoustics there are better than at Davies downtown, though it could have just been the seat (I got lucky and got sixth row center). The program opened with Schnittke's Cello Concerto, with its dedicatee Natalia Gutman as the soloist and Kurt Masur conducting. I generally love Schnittke, but the recording I have of the Cello Concerto had never really impressed me. Now that I've heard it live in a fantastic performance, I love it. I'm definitely going to have to track down Gutman's recording. The second half of the program was Brahms' Second Symphony. That was enjoyable, but not outstanding.

Tomorrow it's already time to fly home for the weekend. My flight is on US Air this week, though, so I may or may not actually get there. I'll be so glad when I get past these first few weeks when I booked too late to get seats on American.

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