AndyHat (andyhat) wrote,

Absent minded day

Mostly I had a very pleasant day, having taken it off so I'd have a chance to be home for a day after attending cosinejeremiah's wedding in Spring Grove, IL. And I did remember to buy a new comb to replace the one I lost somewhere this weekend, which I had been fairly sure was the one thing I would forget to do.

But, boy, was I forgetful otherwise. First off, buying stuff at Harris-Teeter, I discovered I've forgotten the PIN for my newish ATM card, so I had to stop at a credit union branch to get cash from a human teller. As I was driving to the airport, I remembered I forgot to set the thermostat down before leaving the house, so I'll waste propane keeping it 10 degrees warmer than necessary (thankfully it's supposed to be fairly warm this week in NC, so that won't be too much gas). Then, the two-week-ago issue of The Economist had a bunch of articles I thought my mother would be interested in, so I was going to keep it for her, but as I was getting my books out after boarding the IAD-ROC flight, I discovered I'd left it on the table at the Dulles Terminal D TGI Friday's. And lastly, when I arrived at the hotel tonight, I discovered the power supply for my laptop wasn't in my backpack; I must have left it sitting on the bed when I packed. Argh!

I want my neural interface to an AI system that keeps track of these things for me, and I want it now.

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