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Breakfast: None (Ha! Surprised you!).
Lunch: T.K. Tripps (Chicken Tenders Platter).
Dinner: Maggiano's, with wonderclown, deftly, mme_archel, and fungi (I had the Chicken, Linguini, and Pesto Pine Nuts, with Chocolate Zucotto Cake for dessert. As usual, incredible yummy. So yummy that in the car en route to Charlotte, the mere memory almost brought me to orgasm).

Books read: Newman, J. Holy Rollers. Novelette, published as chapbook. DarkTales Publications, 1-930997-05-1. (A suburban couple are visited by a pair of gun-toting Jehovah's Witness types who really want to make them believe. Not as good as it should have been given the premise, but it was a quick enough read).

Music listened to:
  • Jean Derome, Joane Hétu: Nous perçons les oreilles. Ambiances Magnétiques AM054. (wonderclown's translation, "We drill/bore your ears" seems apt. I can't decide whether they actually meant this music to be taken seriously, or if it's just a joke to see how far they can go and still get their Quebocois/Canadian government subsidy to record the CD. Nevertheless, it's fun listening, if a bit earsplitting at times.)
  • Guy Klucevsek: Flying Vegetables of the Apocalypse. XI Records XI104. (Guy Klucevsek is a reformed avant garde accordianist, on a disc produced by Phill Niblock. It's a barrel of fun (and even a little polka)).
  • Richard Lainhart: Ten Thousand Shades of Blue. XI Records XI115. Disc 1 of 2. (Pure ambient drone/noise. I love this stuff).

(And, yes, the bit about food-inspired orgasm is a joke; I like Maggiano's, but not that much.)
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