AndyHat (andyhat) wrote,


So, I'm now in Oakbrook Terrace (in the Hilton Garden Inn, across the parking lot from the Drury Lane Theatre, for those who know their western 'burbs). I had a lunch meeting today, but they ordered in Giordano's, so I didn't really mind. I went to Leona's for dinner (baked garlic chicken, of course), over which I read the first two chapters of nihilistic_kid's Move Under Ground. Then off to Quimby's on the north side (land of no parking) for the Perpetual Motion Roadshow, for which nihilistic_kid coincidentally chose to read the third chapter of MUG. Readings by Frank Duff and Jasmine Dreame Wagner were also entertaining, and Nobu Adilman's film was hilarious. Next month's Roadshow apparently includes Gavin J. Grant of the fabulous Small Beer Press. Happily, the Chicago date is July 12, so I'll be able to go to that one, too.

Now to figure out what to do the rest of the time I'm here. Perhaps chamber music at Ravinia's Martin Theatre on Wednesday, though I'm not sure about the traffic between Oak Brook and Deerfield on a weeknight. But the program does feature a world premier by Ned Rorem, so I suppose it'd be worth it.
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