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A couple nights ago I finally finished reading everything on the Bram Stoker Award preliminary ballot in the "Long Fiction" and "Short Fiction" categories. I'm not a member of HWA (I don't think I'm even eligible), but I figure I might as well post what I would have voted for if I were.

In "Long Fiction" (stories between 10000 and 40000 words, I believe, though I've never seen the actual definition), third place goes to Jack Cady's "The Time that Time Forgot" (Ghosts of Yesterday), a hallucinatory journey across the Smoky Mountains and through the history of warfare. Second place goes to Simon Clark & Tim Lebbon's "Exorcising Angels" (Exorcising Angels), in which Arthur Machen confronts the possibility that somehow his fictional tale of a decisive battle won when a legion of angels appear to aid the British cause has captured some aspect of truth. First place goes to Jack Ketchum's "Closing Time" (Peaceable Kingdom), a nightmarish yet touching response to 9/11.

In "Short Fiction" (stories up to 10000 words), third place again goes to Jack Cady for "The Lady with the Blind Dog" (Ghosts of Yesterday), a delightfully quirky little story of humanity's unknown protectors. Second place goes to Steve Rasnic Tem's "The Bereavement Photographer" (13 Horrors), about a photographer specializing in capturing final photos for parents whose children have died. First place goes to "The Music Box" by P. D. Cacek (Cemetery Dance #45), a tear-jerker of a story concerning the last years of a Holocaust survivor (of a sort, though to say more would be a spoiler).

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