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Sleep: Woke up at 12:34pm.

Brunch: Cocoa Pebbles.
Dinner: Houlihan's (Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Pasta and their yummy Chocolate Cappucino Cake).

TV Watched: Farscape, Odyssey 5 (7/5 episode), Jeremiah (7/5 episode).

Please excuse the lack of linkage in the books and CDs received, but there are way too many items for me to scrounge up meaningful links for everything tonight.

Books Received: Order received from Shocklines:
  • Di Filippo, Paul. A Year in the Linear City. Paperback, signed. PS Publishing, 1-902880-36-6.
  • Erikson, Steven. Blood Follows. Paperback, signed. PS Publishing, 1-902880-34-X.
  • Whitman, David. Deadfellas. Chapbook. DarkTales Publications, 1-930997-07-8.
  • Newman, J. Holy Rollers. Chapbook. DarkTales Publications, 1-930997-05-1.
  • Ochse, Weston. Natural Selection. Chapbook. DarkTales Publications, 1-930997-06-X.
  • Houarner, Gerard & Gak, eds. Dead Cats Bouncing. Hardback, signed. Bedlam Press, 1-889186-26-0.
  • Ketchum, Jack. Right to Life. Paperback. Gauntlet Publications, 1-887368-56-6.

CDs Received: An exciting order from my favorite source in Uxbridge, Ontario, Verge Music Distribution:
  • Feldman: Violin and String Quartet. Christina Fong, Violin. Rangzen Quartet. OgreOgress Productions. 2 CDs.
  • Guy Klucevsek: Flying Vegetables of the Apocalypse. XI Records XI104.
  • Ellen Fullman: Body Music. XI Records XI109.
  • Jackson Mac Low: Open Secrets. XI Records XI110.
  • Daniel Goode: Clarinet Songs. XI Records XI113.
  • Richard Lainhart: Ten Thousand Shades of Blue. XI Reocrds XI115.
  • Elaine Radigue: Trilogie de la Mort. XI Records XI119. 3 CDs.
  • Paul Panhuysen: Partitas for Long Strings. XI Records XI122.
  • Tom Johnson: The Chord Catalogue: All the 8178 Chords Possible in One Octave. XI Records XI123.
  • Rudis/Custodio/Diaz-Infante: Crashing the Russian Renaissance. Pax Recordings PR90253.
  • Evelyn Ficarra: Frantic Mid-Atlantic. Sargasso SCD 28026.
  • Roger Reynolds: All Known All White. Pogus Productions P21025-2.
  • Adams/Cox/Fink/Fox. Marty Walker, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet. Cold Blue Music CB0009.
  • Jean Derome, Joane Hétu: Nous perçons les oreilles. Ambiances Magnétiques AM054.
  • Robert Marcel Lepage: Tout Autour du Front. Ambiances Magnétiques AM090.
  • Lee Pui Ming: Who's Playing. Ambiances Magnétiques AM098.

Translations of French titles welcome, as Ambiances Magnétiques does not believe in Quebecois bilinguilism, at least not when it comes to providing English translations.

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