AndyHat (andyhat) wrote,

A Subject for Ed

Co-worker Ed has recently started experimenting with some sort of blogger/RSS-aggregator package that becomes thoroughly confusticated when presented with subjectless entires. I shall endeavor to remember to fill in that field in future.

The reason for doing an update today, however, is the OED Science Fiction Citations project. This has been around for a while, and coincidentally made /. today, but this weekend was the first time I found some useful citations myself, a 1982 use of "science fictiony" and 1989 uses of "cyborgize" and "cyborging". I just had to boast about my word-hunting skillz :)

In the course of glancing through my older issues of F&SF, I also discovered that Algis Budrys' essays/reviews are rather addictive. My F&SF collection is only about half complete for 1982-1989 (it's complete since then). I need to start keeping an eye out on ebay and elsewhere for a complete set of 70's and 80's issues so I can read them all.
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