October 7th, 2008

Daily tweets

Yesterday's tweets:

  • 14:25 Ah, so now we're going to rewrite history: tinyurl.com/4z7sgg
  • 14:47 Palin: "I’m going to Nebraska because I want to go to Nebraska." People actually WANT to go to Nebraska? tinyurl.com/3qvveg
  • 14:51 Treasury's asst sec for international affairs will head Office of Financial Stability. Qualifications? Ex-Goldman. tinyurl.com/3slxra
  • 17:14 Unfortunately, I don't think they'll let me include kittens in my IRA... tinyurl.com/4vzquc
  • 17:15 And speaking of cats, this NYT fashion article is amusing: tinyurl.com/4b7jb5
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