July 2nd, 2003

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So, T3 opened tonight at 8pm. Who knew? Certainly not movies.yahoo.com.

Discovering the radically changed theatre schedule upon my arrival at the AMC 22, I decided to go for an apocalypse doubleheader: 28 Days Later and T3. 28 Days Later is definitely the better movie; I do wish the previews hadn't given away quite so much, but it was still pretty creepy. Certainly one of the best examples of the sort-of-zombie genre.

T3 had lots of explosions, and lots of car crashes, and more explosions, and Arnold gets beat up by a girl. And then more explosions. Which is good, because nobody in the movie can act, and the plot is fairly ludicrous. Still, I have to admit, it was better than I expected (and I did like the ending).