August 14th, 2002

(no subject)

Brunch (Mon.): None (That Maggiano's was filling.)
Dinner (Mon.): Fuddrucker's
Breakfast (Tues.): Cocoa Pebbles
Lunch (Tues.): Bojangle's
Dinner (Tues.): Thai Monsoon

Games Finished: Jazz And Faust (Only a so-so adventure game, but it was fairly quick to play to satisfy my adventure-game craving.)

(no subject)

Noooooooo!!!!!! Enteract has announced they're killing shell access. Now I have to find a new ISP, or something. Ick. It looks like the core of the Enteract crowd will be moving to ripco, so I suppose I might tag along there if I don't just bum an account from fungi. At least I long ago moved my email to a non-ISP specific forwading address.

Breakfast: Cocoa Pebbles
Lunch: China King Buffet
Dinner: P.F. Chang's (Because, why not? I'm not paying for it.)