AndyHat (andyhat) wrote,

A Dream

So the combination of mme_archel's log entry about mice (and the recent killing of 2 mice by Sadie) and seeing Reign of Fire resulted in an odd dream last night. Some mice were entering the tunnels beneath my house (apparently there's a secret door in the basement that leads to an underground system of tunnels) through a portal from a hell dimension. All was well if Sadie could sneak up on them and catch them while they were mice, but if frightened, they turned into pterodactyls (the dragons in Reign of Fire look a lot like pterodactyls) and were tearing to shreds the people (government agents, I think) who were going in after them. So a nameless NPC henchman, Sadie, and I were now taking things into our own hands and slowly moving through the tunnels, killing the mouse/pterodactlys as we went (I had a flamethrower, you see), attempting to reach the portal where we would do something to end the threat (I'm not sure what, though I think it involved sending Sadie through to eat them, because they couldn't change from being mice on the other side). And then I woke up.

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