AndyHat (andyhat) wrote,

I haven't had any updates in a while. I blame Daylight Savings Time. Makes me grouchy and uncommunicative.

Of course, my life has also been rather boring of late. The biggest event of the past month was my acquisition of a Mailboxes, Etc. Personal Mailbox. Which could be the basis of an extended rant on the incompetence of the Raleigh Post Office (who apparently are unable to follow the post office's own rules on holding mail), the intrusiveness of the current ID requirements to get a PO Box/PMB (not one, but two government-issued ID's, of which copies must be made and kept on file, along with a form authorizing the third-party recipient to share those copies with a long list of possible inquisitors), and the idiocy of the post office's addressing requirements for PMB's (Mailboxes, Etc. would be quite capable of getting my mail to my box even if it's missing the "PMB 333" in the address, but the Post Office refuses to deliver any mail to them if it's not included). But a proper rant requires greater fervor than I can muster in these days of post-DST slothfulness.

As for recent reading, I've made it through lots of novelettes, so I should be finishing up with my list of those this week. However, I won't make it through more than a handful of novellas before the May 1 deadline for voting in the Locus Awards, so I'll only be voting in the Short Story and Novelette categories. I'll still try to read all the novellas over the next few months. With so much good stuff getting published, I really wish I had more time to read.

  • Short Stories
    • Very Good
      • Carroll, Jonathan. "Simon's House of Lipstick". Conjunctions 39.
      • Erdrich, Louise. "Shamengwa". The New Yorker 12/2/02.
      • Hodge, Brian. "Pull". The Darker Side.
      • Hodge, Brian. "Some Other Me". Lies & Ugliness.
      • Hopkins, Brian A. & Richard Wright. "Grave Song". The Darker Side.
      • Murakami, Haruki. "Thailand". After the Quake.
      • Newman, Kim. "Egyptian Avenue". Embrace the Mutation.
      • Urrea, Luis Alberto. "Mr. Mendoza's Paintbrush". Six Kinds of Sky.
    • Good
      • Baker, Kage. "The Hotel at Harlan's Landing". Black Projects, White Knights.
      • Brockmeier, Kevin. "The Green Children". Arkansas Literary Forum.
      • Donoghue, Emma. "A Short Story". The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits.
      • Hardy, Melissa. "Aquerò". The Atlantic Monthly 12/02.
      • Jacob, Charlee. "The Plague Species". The Darker Side.
      • Kiernan, Caitlin. "The Road of Pins". Dark Terrors 6.
      • Koja, Kathe. "Road Trip". World Fantasy Convention 2002 Program Book.
      • Lebbon, Tim. "Hell Came Down". The Darker Side.
      • Lindberg, Seth. "Spirits of the Flesh". The Darker Side.
      • Piccirilli, Tom. "The Misfit Child Grows Fat on Despair". The Darker Side.
      • Power, Susan. "Roofwalker". Roofwalker.
      • Royle, Nicholas. "Standard Gauge". Thirteen.
      • Smith, Michael Marshall. "Night Falls, Again". Embrace the Mutation.
    • Average
      • Jafek, Bev. "The Death of Sappho". Thought Magazine Fall/Winter 2002.
      • Joyce, Graham. "First, Catch Your Demon". Embrace the Mutation.
      • Keene, Brian. "All the World's a Stage". The Darker Side.
      • Taylor, Lucy. "Unspeakable". The Darker Side.
  • Novelettes
    • Excellent
      • Joyce, Graham. "Coventry Boy". The Third Alternative Autumn 2002.
    • Very Good
      • Dickinson, Peter. "Mermaid Song". Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits.
      • Fowler, Karen Joy. "The Further Adventures of the Invisible Man". Conjunctions 39.
      • Friedman, C.S. "Downtime". DAW 30th Anniversary: Science Fiction.
      • Hodge, Brian. "The Firebrand Symphony". Children of Cthulhu.
      • Irvine, Alex. "Jimmy Guang's House of Gladmech". Sci Fiction 4/02.
      • Kress, Nancy. "The Most Famous Little Girl in the World". Sci Fiction 5/02.
      • Lake, Jay. "The Scent of Rotting Roses". Strange Horizons 11/02.
      • Lawson, Philip (aka Michael Bishop & Paul di Filippo). "We're All in This Alone". Interzone 11-12/02.
      • Link, Kelly. "Catskin". McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales.
      • Link, Kelly. "Lull". Conjunctions 39.
      • Maloney, Geoffrey. "The Imperfect Instantaneous People Mover". Agog! Fantastic Fiction.
      • McAuley, Paul. "The Passenger". Asimov's 3/02.
      • McCarthy, Wil. "He Died That Day, in Thirty Years". Once Upon a Galaxy.
      • McDonald, Ian. "The Hidden Place". Asimov's 10-11/02.
      • McDonald, Ian. "The Old Cosmonaut and the Construction Worker Dream of Mars". Mars Probes.
      • McHugh, Maureen. "Presence". F&SF 3/02.
      • McKinley, Robin. "A Pool in the Desert". Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits.
      • McMullen, Sean. "Voice of Steel". Sci Fiction 8/02.
      • Meaney, John. "The Whisper of Discs". Interzone 10/02.
      • Moorcock, Michael. "Lost Sorceress of the Silent Citadel". Mars Probes.
      • Moscoe, Mike. "The Job Interview". Analog 5/02.
      • Newman, Kim. "A Drug on the Market". Dark Terrors 6.
      • Nordley, G. David. "War, Ice, Egg, Universe". Asimov's 10-11/02.
      • Priest, Christopher. "The Discharge". Sci Fiction 2/02.
      • Purdom, Tom. "A Champion of Democracy". Asimov's 5/02.
      • Reed, Robert. "The Children's Crusade". Sci Fiction 4/02.
      • Reed, Robert. "Lying to Dogs". Asimov's 12/02.
      • Reed, Robert. "The Majesty of Angels". F&SF 9/02.
      • Reed, Robert. "Oracles". Asimov's 1/02.
      • Reynolds, Alastair. "The Real Story". Mars Probes.
      • Roberts, Adam. "Swiftly". Sci Fiction 4/02.
      • Ryman, Geoff. V.A.O.. PS Publishing.
      • Shepard, Lucius. "Emerald Street Expansions". Sci Fiction 3/02.
      • Spencer, William Browning. "The Essayist in the Wilderness". F&SF 5/02.
      • Steele, Allen. "A Walk Across Mars". Mars Probes.
      • Straub, Peter. "Little Red's Tango". Conjunctions 39.
      • Stross, Charles. "Big Brother Iron". Toast and Other Rusted Futures.
      • Stross, Charles. "Halo". Asimov's 6/02.
      • Swanwick, Michael. "Slow Life". Analog 12/02.
      • Vajra, Rajnar. "Partner in Crime". Analog 10/02.
      • Van Pelt, James. "A Flock of Birds". Sci Fiction 8/02.
      • Van Pelt, James. "Perceptual Set". Analog 1/02.
    • Good
      • Aegard, John. "Putting Away Childish Things". The Third Alternative Summer 2002.
      • Card, Orson Scott. "Angles". Science Fiction: The Best of 2002.
      • Frost, Gregory. "Madonna of the Maquiladora". Asimov's 5/02.
      • Grant, John. "Wooden Horse". The Third Alternative Autumn 2002.
      • Hand, Elizabeth. "Pavane for a Prince of the Air". Embrace the Mutation.
      • Hodge, Brian. "Nesting Instincts". Lies & Ugliness.
      • Hopkins, Brian A. "Communion with the Worm". Cemetery Dance #41.
      • Ings, Simon. "The Convert". Asimov's 12/02.
      • Irvine, Alex. "Chichen Itza". F&SF 5/02.
      • Jacob, Charlee. "Window for Anon". Guises.
      • Kaufmann, Nicholas. "The Jew of Prague". Stones.
      • Keene, Brian & Tim Lebbon. "Fodder". Shivers.
      • Knight, Damon. "Watching Matthew". F&SF 10-11/02.
      • Lee, Tanith. "In the City of Dead Night". F&SF 10-11/02.
      • Lee, Tanith. "Persian Eyes". DAW 30th Anniversay: Fantasy.
      • Le Guin, Ursula K. "The Wild Girls". Asimov's 3/02.
      • Masterson, Graham. "Neighbors from Hell". Cemetery Dance #38.
      • McAuley, Paul. "The Assassination of Faustino Malarte". Asimov's 7/02.
      • McCarthy, Wil. "Garbage Day". Analog 12/02.
      • McMullen, Sean. "Walk to the Full Moon". F&SF 12/02.
      • Patterson, Meredith L. "Principles and Parameters". Children of Cthulhu.
      • Popkes, Steven. "Winters Are Hard". Sci Fiction 11/02.
      • Pratt, Tim. "The Witch's Bicycle". Realms of Fantasy 8/02.
      • Reed, Robert. "Coelacanths". F&SF 3/02.
      • Robertson, R. Garcia y. "Death in Love". F&SF 1/02.
      • Sanders, William. "Empire". Alterate Generals II.
      • Sarath, Patrice E. "A Prayer for Captain La Hire". Black Gate Summer 2002.
      • Snyder, Midori. "Charlie's Away". The Green Man.
      • Stableford, Brian. "The Face of an Angel". Leviathan 3.
      • Stross, Charles. "Tourist". Asimov's 2/02.
      • Suarez-Beard, Beverly. "Bertrand's Bride". Talebones Fall 2002.
      • Tambour, Anna. "Klokwerk's Heart". Strange Horizons 12/02.
      • Tan, Cecilia. "Touch Pain". Asimov's 2/02.
    • Average
      • Campbell, Ramsey. "No End of Fun". Embrace the Mutation.
      • Jacob, Charlee. "The Rain Queen". Extremes 4: Darkest Africa.
      • Johnson, Bill. "Mama Told Me Not to Come". Black Gate Summer 2002.
      • Mellick, Carlton, III. "Porno in August". Random Acts of Weirdness.
      • Nicholson, Scott. "Hounds of Love". The Book of More Flesh.
      • Peek, Ben (benpeek). "Cigarettes and Roses". Passing Strange.
      • Russell, Jay. "Hides". Stranger: Dark Tales of Eerie Encounters.
      • Shepard, Lucius. "How Lonesome Heartbreak Changed His Life". Polyphony 1.
      • Silva, David B. "The Origin". The Darker Side.

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