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Once again, a week when I didn't get to spend nearly enough time reading. And I finally got my mail again after two weeks, which means I have quite a stack of magazines to get through which will probably limit my story reading this week, too. Argh.

Somehow I keep adding short stories to the reading list, so there are once again more of those than novelettes. But I think the list should finally be pretty stable and almost all publications have safely arrived so it shouldn't be too long before I'm done with the short stories once and for all.

  • Short Stories
    • Very Good
      • Belfiore, Michael. "Sea Change". Strange Horizons 3/02.
      • Biancotti, Deborah. "King of All and the Metal Sentinel". Agog! Fantastic Fiction.
      • Jarpe, Matthew. "Captains of Industry". Asimov's 3/02.
      • Lain, Douglas. "Identity Is a Construct". Strange Horizons 1/02.
      • Mamatas, Nick (nihilistic_kid). "Beer on Sunday". Horrorfind.
    • Good
      • Anderson, Barth. "Bringweather and the Portal of Giving and Taking". Strange Horizons 5/02.
      • Bachus, Kate. "Miss Parker Down the Bung". Strange Horizons 3/02.
      • Battersby, Lee. "Father Muerte and the Theft". Aurealis #29.
      • Bratman, Steven. "The Fat Suit". Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #10.
      • Byatt, A.S. "The Thing in the Forest". The New Yorker 6/03/02.
      • De Niro, Alan. "Shepherd's Calendar". Strange Horizons 4/02.
      • Gaiman, Neil. "Feeders and Eaters". Keep Out the Night.
      • Hansen, Jon. "Three Nights in Big Rock City". Black Gate Winter 2002.
      • Hughes, Rhys. "Climbing the Tallest Tree in the World". Nemonymous #2.
      • Humphrey, Andrew. "Open the Box". The Third Alternative Winter 2002.
      • Jasper, Michael. "Natural Order". Asimov's 7/02.
      • Lake, Jay. "The Trick of Disaster". Ideomancer 4/02.
      • Lake, Jay. "Watch the Pretty Girls, Kid". The Third Alternative Winter 2002.
      • Lee, Mary Soon. "Making Fields". 3SF #1.
      • Livdahl, Kristin. "Even a Worm Will Turn". Rabid Transit.
      • McKenna, Claire. "Stealing Alice". Agog! Fantastic Fiction.
      • Peek, Ben. "Scratches in the Sky". Agog! Fantastic Fiction.
      • Schweitzer, Darrell. "Secret Murders". Cemetery Dance #39.
      • Shaw, Heather. "Wetting the Bed". Floodwater.
      • Swanwick, Michael. "Cecil Rhodes in Hell". Sci Fiction Table of the Elements.
      • van Eekhout, Greg. "People Stuff". Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #10.
      • van Eekhout, Greg. "Show and Tell". Strange Horizons 6/02.
      • van Eekhout, Greg. "Will You Be an Astronaut?". F&SF 9/02.
      • Williamson, Neil. "Messianc con Brio". Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #11.
    • Average
      • Hartley, James A. "Porcelain". Fangoria's Fantastic Fiction 6/02.
  • Novelettes
    • Very Good
      • Ford, Jeffrey. "The Weight of Words". Leviathan 3.
      • Friesner, Esther M. "Just Another Cowboy". F&SF 4/02.
      • Friesner, Esther M. "Men in the Rain". F&SF 1/02.
    • Good
      • Flynn, Michael F. "Southern Strategy". Alternate Generals II.
      • Ford, Jeffrey. "The Green Word". The Green Man.
    • Average
      • Finlay, Charles Coleman. "We Come Not to Praise Washington". F&SF 8/02.
      • Ford, Jeffrey. "Something by the Sea". F&SF 10-11/02.

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