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I did a reasonable amount of reading in the past week. I hope to get a lot more done this weekend while I'm in Chicago (and entirely without Net access; that'll be strange).

The Horror Writers Association finally got around to publishing the preliminary ballot for the 2002 Bram Stoker Awards, and most of the contents of the Datlow/Windling Year's Best Fantasy and Horror were announced. That meant more short stories to read, skewed towards horror. And, as usual, a few more publications trickled in, so I was able to read a few stories I'd missed. Nevertheless, I've also made a decent start on the novelettes.

  • Short Stories
    • Very Good
      • Burke, Kealan-Patrick. "The Quiet". The Gallows.
      • Dark, Kristy. "The Last Story". The Year's Best Writing.
      • Kirtley, David Barr. "The Second Rat". On Spec Spring 2002.
      • Schaller, Eric. "The Assistant to Dr. Jacob". Nemonymous #2.
      • Williams, Conrad. "The Machine". The Third Alternative Summer 2002.
      • Wolfe, Gene. "Mute". 2002 World Horror Convention Program Book.
    • Good
      • Hood, Robert. "Number 7". Immaterial.
      • Keohane, Daniel G. "White Wave of Mercy". Extremes 4: Darkest Africa.
      • Lane, Joel. "The Receivers". Dark Terrors 6.
      • Lees, Tim. "The Life to Come". The Third Alternative Winter 2002.
      • Miéville, China. "Details". Children of Cthulhu.
      • Pratt, Tim. "Bone Sigh". Twilight Showcase 3/02.
      • Sanders, J.V. "Rite of the Fire Demon". Fortean Bureau 10/02.
      • Saunders, George. "My Flamboyant Grandson". The New Yorker 1/28/02.
      • Tremblay, Paul. "4'33". 5/02.
      • Tremblay, Paul. "The Laughing Man Meets Little Cat". Chizine #14.
    • Average
      • Arnold, Joel. "Some Things Don't Wash Off". Weird Tales Fall 2002.
      • Castle, Mort. "Disappearances". Chizine #11.
      • Oliveri, Michael. "Poisoning the Wound". Extremes 4: Darkest Africa.
      • O'Rourke, Monica. "Attainable Beauty". 5/02.
      • Royle, Nicholas. "Hide And Seek". Dark Terrors 6.
      • Wilson, Lisa. "Immortal Beloved". Twilight Times 10/02.
  • Novelettes
    • Excellent
      • Card, Orson Scott. "The Polish Boy". First Meetings.
    • Very Good
      • Asher, Neal. "Snow in the Desert". Spectrum SF #8.
      • Benford, Gregory. "The Clear Blue Seas of Luna". Asimov's 10-11/02.
      • Berman, Judith. "Election Day". Lord Stink and Other Stories.
      • Blaylock, James P. "In for a Penny". Sci Fiction 2/02.
      • Chiang, Ted. "Liking What You See: A Documentary". Stories of Your Life and Others.
    • Good
      • Aldiss, Brian. "Abort the Beatitude". DAW 30th Anniversary: Science Fiction.
      • Baker, Kage. "The Likely Lad". Asimov's 9/02.
      • Ballantyne, Tony. "Teaching the War Robot to Dance". Interzone 4/02.
      • Benford, Gregory. "Around the Curve of a Cosmos". Sci Fiction 3/02.
      • Cadigan, Pat. "Linda". Asimov's 7/02.

Note that the Card novellete is unlikely to make my top 5, though it will get an honorable mention. Set several decades before Ender's Game, it's a perfect example of a story which works really well if you're already familiar with the setting, but is less successful as a standalone story.

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